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REFLECTIONS | Corpse Veronese

Acquiescing (supper with ghosts) 2018.jpg

OPENING NIGHT: Friday 11th May | 6-9pm in the DOWNSTAIRS gallery
EXHIBITION OPEN: 11th May - 17th May | 10:00am - 4:00pm Weekdays

Join us at Jugglers Art Space for a solo exhibition of works by Corpse Veronese. 

"Staring back, from amidst the oddities, the last thing you may expect to see is yourself. But if you don’t is that because you weren’t there?  Or is it simply because you don’t recognise the face you see staring back as your own?

To reflect is to take part in a dialogue, a dialogue that continues through all things. Whether as individuals, or as a collective species, how we communicate with the past informs the future.

We are all responsible for our own actions and in the end we can either shut the door on those faces that reflect back at us from the hallways of our past or follow them back down through into the darkness where our true face resides."