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LIVE SHOW: Saturday 16 December | 7-10pm
ENTRY: $15 (two sets)

MADE NOW MUSIC presents: GLINT - Performances by Isabelle Duthoit/Franz Hautzinger and Samuel Pankhurst.

Isabelle Duthoit/Franz Hautzinger (France/Austria)
Isabelle Duthoit and Franz Hautzinger use breath as the medium behind their music, performing a nuanced and detailed exploration of texture and harmony that is filtered, shaped and amplified through trumpet, clarinet and voice. 
The two are virtuosos whose instrumental control navigates beauty through magnifying the minute. Their improvisations are patient and slow, allowing for a contemplative listen to these sound objects. Rather than focusing on counterpoint or rhythmic dialog, they work together blending layers into a singular sound phrase. What would seem quietly austere from other performers proves as powerfully expressive work from them.

Samuel Pankhurst (Australia)
Samuel Pankhurst is a bassist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is best known for his extensive work with the late Australian icon Allan Vincent Browne OAM, as well as trumpet iconoclast Scott Tinkler.

As a long time member of the Australian Art Orchestra he has premiered new commissioned works by Alvin Lucier, Erik Griswold, Peter Knight, and Nicole Lizée.

Currently Sam is busy with his experimental studio pop project Magic Person, celebrated improv piano trio The Wild with Erik Griswold and Richard Daniell, post-hardcore improv trio Porscha featuring Stefano Roselli, and a telepathic Vibraphone/Bass duo with Vanessa Tomlinson.


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