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Sexy Cheesecake | DRAPL

OPENING NIGHT: Friday 12 May | 6-9pm
EXHIBITION OPEN: 12 May - 23 May 2017

Drapl’s latest work expresses his love for the symbiotic relationship between nature, colour and the presence of magic that is everywhere and in every living organism. Since moving to the bush, away from the demands and distractions of city life, a new psychedelic-realism style of portraiture has emerged. For this exhibition Drapl has made his own uber-sized canvases and has been dreaming up extraordinary ways to exhibit these special works. He hopes everyone who sees this show leaves either totally confused or with a life changing experience! 

Come and see Drapl’s inspired new works, and experience a visual orgasm as we present a magical mix of aerosol, RGB lighting and multi-dimensional co-creation in the courtyard on opening night. Take a bite, or even take home your very own slice of this sexy cheesecake!