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Thoughts Made Visible

24 Nov – 7 Dec

Opening: Friday, 25 Nov 6 – 9pm

A group show by Renata Buziak, Billy Shannon, Sona Babajanyan, Travis D. Hendrix, Chris Bowes and Henri van Noordenburg

 Artists create by making manifest our thoughts on the world, on ideas, feelings and experience.  A process that happens both immediately and over many years, our work is an outpouring of various aspects of our observation, research, synergistic correlations and beliefs.


This series of skate decks explores the concept of belonging and delves into how one identifies the attributes that produce a sense of ‘Home’. Created during a period when Travis was between houses himself, uprooted from the ground and drifting from one bivouac to another. The works represent this journey and asks the viewer to consider what it means to be without a place to call home.



Gardens play a significant role in the lives of many people. Habitat project focuses on visuals and verbal stories of several residential gardens of Greater Brisbane, Moreton Bay in Queensland, (previously known as Pine Rivers) by Renata Buziak and Lynette Lettic.

A selection of Renata's works included in this exhibition were developed by an experimental photographic process the 'biochrome', which she has been developing over the last decade. By fusing organic and photographic materials subject to natural process of decomposition, flora collected from each garden was used to create these works. After a period of several weeks 'exposure', traces of the plants and micro organic activities are captured in biochrome images representing each garden. 

This project was documented via a dedicated blog to reflect the process and progress, from meeting with participating gardeners, to preparing for the exhibition. Accompanied by a catalogue the aim of this project is to offer viewers an insight into the gardens, the people and the stories that were shared.


"I Feel Like I Know You uses social media to examine the life of a stranger, taking the pages they have liked on Facebook and creating a mosaic of one of their profile pictures.

 Through the process of cutting and assembling the pieces a connection is created between this man and the artist, the tiles revealing more aspects of their personality as the work is made. The result is a feeling of familiarity with the subject, the installation giving an insight into their life, but lacking the authenticity of the real human behind it."


I love sleep and the world of dreams. It is variously a time of repair, mental and physical digestion, and sometimes inspiration.

 The Sleep series is an exploration into the ‘soul’ of the sleeper and the source of dreams. Where they go what energies move them. The inspiration for this comes from early memories of watching my mother sleeping, watching the dark shadows of dreams float around her eyes..

 Over the past 2 years, I have been working with several of Brisbane’s leading contemporary circus and dance performers on a series of paintings exploring their thoughts, feelings and relationships to sleep. The contrast of these highly active people, in repose fascinates me and I have tried to reflect how that even their corporeal forms seem dissipate as their minds drift into sleep.


Art for me is the best way to understand the world and myself, a kind of inner conversation or meditation. This selection of work is an exploration of a human being’s inner world as it intersects with the mysterious forces of nature and universe. Colours and lines, shapes and textures, forms and faces are the means to express and capture these deeper movements, my attempts to bring without what lies within, inviting the viewer to reflect on this connection between the inner and outer universes.


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