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'Wild Tasmania' - An exhibition by Arwen Dyer and Wolfgang Glowacki

Opening night Event: Friday 26th June from 6-9pm. Exhibition continues to Monday 29th June.

Please join us for the opening of ‘Wild Tasmania’ on Friday 26th June from 6-9pm, to be opened by Bob Brown, environmentalist and former leader of the Australian Greens Political Party.

Wild Tasmania features photographs by two of Tasmania’s finest nature photographers, Wolfgang Glowacki and Arwen Dyer. Arwen and Wolfgang portray the stunning Tasmanian wilderness through their macro, landscape and night photography. They depict Tasmania’s most iconic and treasured places, such as Cradle Mountain, Freycinet Peninsula, Flinders Island and the Tarkine, bringing you lush rainforests, dramatic mountains, wild rivers, stunning skies, ragged coastlines and unique vegetation. Both artists regularly contribute to important conservation efforts, such as Tarkine in Motion, a multi-modal art project focused on protecting the Tarkine region. Thus, Wild Tasmania is not only an exquisite representation of the unique beauty of Tasmania, but a reminder of the fragility of the natural environment and its need for protection.

For more information, please visit the artist’s facebook pages or websites.