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Gregg Greinke

Jugglers is pleased to announce a one night only solo exhibition of works by Gregg Greinke – Winner of the first Marie Ellis OAM Prize for drawing [2010].

All works will be for sale and will include recent works on paper and canvas and unframed sketches.

Gregg Greinke is a Brisbane based artist with a signature drawing style. As the first winner of the Jugglers Art Space Inc Marie Elis OAM Prize for Drawing [2010] Gregg’s work and style have become widely known for its evocative negative space as much as for the deep emotion in the representations of anatomical and relational imagery. Headless torsos belie the fact that his ability has progressed from beautiful facial portraits. That his practice for his current body of work tends to be simultaneous ambidextrous practice is even more remarkable.

Friday July 25, 6:00pm – 9:00pm