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PETER BREEN 'The Space Between'. 4 - 25 June 2010

The Space Between
4-25 June 2010

Opening Reception from 6pm Friday 4th June, 2010
Jugglers Street level space

Peter Breen is a Brisbane based artist and radiographer. In his work as both artist and medical professional he has been drawn to the beauty and starkness of the x-ray image and the experiences of patients during the x-ray process. In this Peter’s first solo show, The Space Between represents these aspects of the medical diagnostic process and invites you to reflect on your own experiences as either patient or medical professional.

Breen works primarily on paper, using graphite, charcoal and employing linocut to interpret radiography imaging and equipment, as well as the feelings, fears and anxieties that patients might experience in that “space between”, at the moment before exposure in the x-ray room.

This body of work also encapsulates a personal response from the artist as he reflects upon his own experiences of vulnerability faced during moments of unfamiliar circumstances. Through his considerations he asks what it is like to be a patient on the receiving end of the command “Breathe in, breathe out, stop breathing, now breathe away.”