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'Bad Pixel'. 4 - 11 June 2010

Bad Pixel
Opening Reception from 6pm Friday 4th June
Jugglers Alleyway Space

Our visual language is changing! The moving image, such as film and the internet are becoming more relatable to a contemporary audience

Bad Pixel is a two-day contemporary art exhibition showcasing fresh new Video Art and Experimental Film. The event will exhibit works by emerging video artists from the Queensland College of Art. Plus, they are under the mentorship of professional video artist Chris Bennie. These artists recognize the cultural shift into New-Media. The artists and Bennie have been working closely together to create a new language for contemporary life. Women kitchen meditating, circus men throwing confetti and intergalactic space ships are some of the many highlights within the exhibition! These new video artists are Brisbane based and come from diverse backgrounds. They are a new breed of digital-savvy artists emerging from Brisbane’s most traditional art institution.