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PETER FENOGLIO 'beyond black stigma' 3-10 December 2010

beyond black stigma – 2010 series

Opening Reception Friday 3rd December 2010 from 6pm
Exhibition runs 3-10 December 2010

Beyond Black Stigma – 2010 series captures the lived experience of the aboriginal/indigenous individual and group affected by HIV and the relationships within the group. The resolution of the question, ‘Beyond Black Stigma: What is it to be HIV positive?’ has developed as a response to issues that have come from Peter’s immersion as a social activist and artist, into what is now considered the PLHIV sector.

For approximately ten years he has researched and observed issues concerning the plight of people living with HIV, and the impact this has had on the individual and communities. Peter has made a significant number of artworks and has held several exhibitions focusing not only on Australia, but also on other cultures and communities in other countries including: Africa, Asia and Papua New Guinea.

Peter’s art research has sought to change both the public perception and the lived experience of being HIV positive. This 2010 series ‘Beyond Black Stigma’ is based on investigations of the impact of HIV and stigma on cultural practice within aboriginal/indigenous Australian groups. Mediated photographic based artwork, juxtaposed with three-dimensional objects, is a means of conveying and connecting visual relevances as a foundation to establish meanings of cultural changes.
Primarily the main focus for this study, is the impact of stigma. There has been significant research about stigma, but much of it has been done through surveys, statistics and medical models.

“. . . research findings indicated that disclosure of one’s HIV-positive status to friends, family, or health professionals is a complex and ongoing stigmatizing social process that may result in marginalization, isolation, or exclusion by social support networks“ (Logie, 2009)
Peter’s first exhibition dealing with People Living With HIV (PLHIV) was in 2003 at the Brisbane Powerhouse, and coincided with World Aids Day, 1st December as does this one, and most of his exhibitions. The sixteen giclée prints and three instillations are from the series Beyond Black Stigma: 2010.

The major purpose of the artwork is social commentary. Maintaining community and government awareness of the issues relating to PLHIV both locally and internationally is important to Peter.