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JOHN ROHRIG res/pond/ing. 3-17 December 2010

collage, sculpture & improvisation

Opening Reception Friday 3rd December 2010 from 6pm
Exhibition runs 3 – 17 December 2010

For the last five years John has been involved in the field of Creative Arts Therapy. During this time he has seen his art practice take a new direction towards a spontaneous expression of feeling and emotion, playfulness and fun. Using a variety of mediums from Collage to Sculpture to Improvisation, John has explored the inner journey toward making meaning from human experience. Through these processes of creating a new awareness and focus on human relationships and using art to understand and communicate has been reached.

Collages These works are spontaneous expressions of feelings at the time the work was in progress. They may begin with an image that strikes/appeals/talks to me or a colour scheme. I work as if doing a puzzle placing a piece, or a colour, then watching and allowing the thing to progress without too much thought. I often end by applying paint to bring the work together.

Sculptures The influence of Creative Arts Therapy and a recent serious illness have seen a change from wood to clay and ceramic sculpture. The artists describes these works as “expressions of my own inner being and have a therapeutic value. Strong emotions and patterned ways of being and relating are expressed so that they may be understood (made sense of). In this way the wheels of change can be put into motion.” Other works in this exhibition such as “The Tall Man and The Dreamer” (clay and acrylic paint) come from a spontaneous way of working and are described by the artist as ”… scenes or stories that are very meaningful to me but I choose not to explain them to myself (or others) allowing their inherent sense of mystery to remain.” Other glazed ceramic pieces on display can be described as “…lyrical scenes that normally begin as gifts for specific friends and family. I am attracted to this form of inspiration because it is lit by human emotion and feeling.”

Improvisation John has been involved in this not so known art form over the last four years with a small Brisbane group (“Froth”). Using silence, sound, movement and stillness the artist spontaneously expresses what arises in the moment with little or no previous thought. To arrive at a level of performance one needs a background of dance, theatre or music. In the artists case, his long association with the world of theatre is what allows him to “craft” a sense of order and sequence out of chaos and randomness.

John has been a Wood carver for nearly 40 years. For as long as he remembers he has always drawn and painted, taking inspiration from nature. For the last fours years John has delved into the creative world of performance where he has pursued his passion for theatre, clowning, silent mime, comedy, and improvisation. John is also a keen writer of poetry.