Two Pages


Jugglers crew 2002 – 2011 Sam Eyles, Abby Whittaker, Randal Breen, Phil Lock, Peter Breen.

Jugglers has been interested in writing about its experience of the arts for a few years now. Our pieces to date have been introductions to shows, short promotions and personal blogs by Randal Breen, Sam Eyles, Abby Whittaker, Megan Cope, Peter Breen and exhibiting artists. The current Jugglers “ Interscapes” show [May 20 – June3] curated by Ashleigh Bunter includes her reflective essay “Examining how the recent digital technology revolution has altered and shaped our perception of reality, space and landscape” and is available from Jugglers or Ashleigh. The CD also includes installation images and music by Peel St Band and Inland Sea. This is part of the new move Jugglers is joining where art process and installation is given more time than opening night and more weight than sales. “Two Pages” is easily accessible on the front page of our website [ ] and will feature themed short essays. We have drawn some inspiration for our idea from Art Forum’s 500 Words.

Our first “Two Pages” theme is “Art for Free” where a few of us reflect on the bold Jugglers venture in 2011 we have called the “ 103 Project Experiment” where costs have been cut, exhibitions have been shortened and in some instances, selected artists have been significantly subsidised for their shows and studios. Ashleigh will reflect on being given the opportunity to curate her first Brisbane show and four artists will write about their experience of being given free studio space for 3 – 6 weeks at our Norman Park QR house. I have asked John, one of the aerosol artists from the public access street art space at 103 to join me in writing about what it’s like to have an accessible, free, self managed “graffiti” space to work in. We hope “Two Pages” is an important part of the arts conversation in Brisbane and beyond. If you have a theme you would like us to consider please drop us an email at