There are moments when I know why I am an artist and then there moments when I don’t know why - Peter Breen

Actually, I don’t think I’m an artist. Not yet. I hope I am one day but not yet. I am 61 but I live in hope that one day I might feel like calling myself an artist. Before I’m dead. And I wonder why I am doing what I am doing as the acting director of an amazing arts collective [Jugglers] and making sure taps don’t leak and bills are paid and rent is collected and everyone is happy and doing art and shows are hung and work is sold and artists are paid . Maybe that’s it and my art is to help the artist be the artist and juggle everything. Maybe I am a producer artist! I did have a solo show in 2010 where I tried to explore what patients might feel during x ray procedures. It was a lot of work drawing and painting and the final event was worth the effort.

I am self taught [it shows!] and read all I can and watch and listen to my artist sons and daughter in law and the artists at Jugglers. To be an artist one has do art. All the time. It takes 10,000 hours to be a master. Well that’s it then. But there are moments when the paper is starting to come alive with an image I have somehow drawn that I feel a little bit accomplished. But maybe the art is in the production and direction of others art. I am ok with that and get energy from a good production. [There have been plenty of bad ones!] So what I would love to do and be is an artist that can paint and draw and be satisfied with it.

But at the moment the occasional drawing will do and the production and directing of others towards their own success is pretty satisfying.