Melody Woodnut


Melody Woodnut took a free Jugglers studio at Norman Park in March as part of the 103 Project Experiment. She is used to ARI’s and travelling and making do and creating wonderful things out of her endless creative energies and imagination. She has put down her roots in  Iceland as an artist in res too. She has experienced art for free and the limitations of doing art for the people [no charge folks!] and wonders at the corporate world’s paradigm of controlling people’s harmless art that impacts on the AFL Grand Final parade. Not that people care. It is the footy after all! Ai Wei Wei might have some sympathy for her but as yet she has only had herself stuck to the wall not stuck in a cell!

Art for free or art to sell? How do artists live when all they want to do is respond to the world with their right brains engaging their imaginations and artistic disciplines. If you buy art, if you buy Melody’s art, or see it, don’t buy it as an “investment”! Just enjoy it, get annoyed by it. It and Melody are going to be around for a long time.

By Peter Breen