Worthwhile Partnerships with Jugglers' latest studio artist Camille Serisier

I am a visual artist based in Brisbane Australia. I make life size tableau vivants, otherwise known as ‘living pictures’, complete with scenery and costumed performers. Like so many other artists, I sometimes struggle to find a space that offers all of the elements I need. In my case, I often work with large sheets of paper, which I paint on the ground and make into sets and scenery. To do this, I need significant floor space that is clean and flat. I also install my tableaus in the studio in order to take narrative photographs of them, so the ability to black out the room is crucial.

I heard on the grapevine that a large studio might be available through Jugglers Artspace. Although I had never had a studio with Jugglers before, I was aware that they worked with council to find locations where artists could work. After making enquiries and visiting the site, I was happy to find a space that could potentially meet all of my needs.

With the aid of some generous helpers and a bit of elbow grease, we filled and painted the floors then cleaned and painted the walls. It made the space come alive with possibility. There is something about cleaning and painting a space that helps it come together and feel like somewhere I can make. It minimises distractions and keeps the focus on making work.

The Jugglers team have been friendly, flexible and extremely helpful. They have been sensitive to my individual needs as a practitioner and keen to help me establish a worthwhile studio. I am grateful to live in Brisbane, where an organisation like Jugglers can work cohesively with Brisbane City Council to find affordable studio spaces for artists in buildings that would otherwise lie vacant. This program sits in harmony with comparable initiatives like the !{www.maap.org.au}MAAP Media Bank(www.maap.org.au)!, which allows artists to hire digital equipment that they would otherwise not have access to. These are relatively unique projects that distinguish Brisbane from other cities in Australia. Through these valuable initiatives Brisbane is able to facilitate a more sustainable cultural environment for a diverse range of creative industries.

Since moving into the studio I have met a number of local residents who are keen to check out what I am up to and happy the buildings are being used in such a productive way. It is nice to meet new people who have known the area for some time and can share stories about local history and culture. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to explore and contribute to that context. I am excited to continue settling into my new studio and to see what work emerges in the new space.

For more information about Camille Serisier’s arts practice, visit http://www.camilleserisier.com/

Images in this article depict Camille’s studio at Jugglers Tarragindi Site in partnership with Brisbane City Council and an example of Camille’s latest artwork.