Peter Breen, Co-Founder / Director

Peter Breen is the co-founder and current chair / director of Jugglers Art Space inc. Peter has been the leader and facilitator of Jugglers as part of a remarkable team that over the past 18 years has been carving out its own niche around a range of values and activities that make it a significant and important community arts organisation in Brisbane.

Peter's underlying ideas and values that keep him motivated in his leadership and oversight are spiritual and cultural inquiry, creativity as basic to humanity, welcome, social justice and community as the best crucible for these to flourish in.

For Peter, it continues to be a rich experience full of surprise, growth, health and challenge.


Emcee Buster Spit, Manager



Bohdi Gardener, EADP Facilitator

Bohdi is a jack of all everything, and can fall under a lot of categories. But to make it as simple as possible just call him an artist.

Eight years of visual/fine arts study coupled with varied trade experience during the same time period shows in his approach to all matters. Known mostly for his mural work and as a competent drawer bohdi likes to work large and fast tailoring his style to execution instead of time strain.

This artist focuses all conceptual matter in his work towards social issues and matters of the body and human experience. And is consistently active towards these issues and his own development in these areas at all times.

Practical, conscious, Productive. ;)

Instagram: @bohdig

Will Kelly, Bar Manager

Under Construction


Alex Freitas, Bar Assistant

Alex likes to talk. A lot. He’s all about sharing ideas and discoveries. And he’s always discovering something. Spotting puns in casual conversations. Drawing abstract patterns. Playing rock and roll songs in bossa nova style. He likes entertaining people. Mainly because he pleases himself with other peoples joy. It’s kind of a “selfish altruism”. He thinks it’s a win-win situation.

Also he is Neo’s dad. Neo is a very awesome little person. At this stage a majority of Alex's artistic work is parenting performances. But he also draws, paints, sculpts. And makes some funny time-lapses.

You should go check his art. Now!

, Intern