Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing 2019 - Terms and Conditions



A1.1 Entrants must apply online at A Selection Panel (appointed by Jugglers Art Space Inc.) will review all applications to recommend a shortlist of finalists for exhibition. Please refer to the Conditions of Entry for more information.

A1.2 Exhibition of artwork shall be at the absolute discretion of Jugglers Art Space Inc., which reserves the right to exhibit or not exhibit any work recommended by the Selection Panel. No reason will be given, or communication entered into by Jugglers, its staff or its agents with regard to the selection of the shortlist of finalists for exhibition or the Judges’ recommendations.


The selected finalists will be exhibited at The Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art from Friday 2nd August to Friday 16th August 2019. The winners of the 2019 Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing will be announced at the exhibition opening on Friday 2nd August 2019 by the Award’s Judges. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the end of the exhibition.



Entries for the 2019 Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing must be submitted online, by filling in the application form at If you have any problems with the online registration process please contact Jugglers Art Space Inc. (

B1.1 Entry into the 2019 Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing is open to all artists living and working in Australia.

B1.2 Entries must be a unique work on paper or other suitable support in any medium or combination of media. Acceptable media include those traditionally associated with the practice of drawing (pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, etc.) and those associated with contemporary drawing practice (including pastel, watercolour, collage, oil stick etc.). Finalists will be selected according to the graphic qualities of their work.

B1.3 The size of the work must not exceed two (2) meters in any dimension in its entirety.

B1.4 Composite and multi-panel pieces will be considered as one work and must meet the other Conditions of Entry (size, media etc.) when in their assembled state. Any such works must be photographed in their assembled state for both entry and installation purposes if selected for the Finalists Exhibition.

B1.5 The Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing is an acquisitive prize. Entrants agree that in the event that their work is selected by the Prize Judges as the winner of the 2019 Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing, and on payment of the award, the said work shall become the property of Jugglers Art Space Inc. and part of the Jugglers Collection. The $4000 prize money includes Jugglers Art Space’s acquisition of the winning work.

B1.6 An artist or their authorised agent/dealer may enter up to 3 artworks in total as set out on the Entry Form, however, only one work per artist will be considered by the Selection Panel for exhibition. Entries must be the original work and concept of the entrant and have been completed in the 12 months prior to 10th June 2019. Works previously exhibited at Jugglers Art Space Inc. are not eligible.

B1.7 A non-refundable fee of $42.00 for 1 entry, $52.00 for 2 entries and $65.00 for 3 entries, is payable for work(s) entered. Work(s) entered without payment of an entry fee will not be considered eligible. Payment can be made on the Prize entry page. (For alternate modes of payment contact Jugglers Art Space ( for Bank Transfer or PayPal details.)

B1.8 Entries must be submitted online in JPEG format. Images must be at least 1,500 pixels on the longest side and no larger than 3 megabytes in file size. With each image submitted, please include text listing the artist’s name, and the title, dimensions (h x w) and medium of the work.

B1.9 All entries must be received by midnight (AEST) Monday 10th June 2019.

B1.10 The work must be the sole and unencumbered property of the entrant, and there must be no inhibition or restriction on the title passing to Jugglers Art Space Inc. in the event that the work is the winning entry of the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing.

B1.11 Jugglers Art Space will contact the artist in the first instance in all matters relating to an entry.

B1.12 Successful entrants who have a work selected for inclusion in the Finalists Exhibition will be notified by email immediately after the selection process is completed. Please ensure that is added to your email white list. The Finalists’ names will be listed on the Jugglers Art Space web site and publicised through other relevant social media (e.g. Jugglers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.).


B2.1 Substitutes for a selected work will not be accepted.

B2.2 Selected works must be professionally presented, preferably framed if appropriate, and ready for display/hanging.

B2.3 Selected works are to be forwarded with the name of the artist, return address, contact information, title, date and medium attached to the work, and securely packaged to ensure safe transportation to and from the Finalists Exhibition at the Queensland College of Art. The packaging must be suitable for the Gallery to re-use for the return of the selected artwork.

B2.4 Selected works are to be delivered to Queensland College of Art - South Bank Campus, Griffith University, 226 Grey Street, South Bank, Brisbane, Qld 4101 by Friday 27th July 2019. Detailed delivery information will be provided to successful Finalists upon notification of their selection. Please contact Jugglers ( to arrange delivery times.


B3.1 All forward and return transit/freight costs of a selected work are the responsibility of the artist and/or the artist’s agent/dealer. A selected artwork will not be received by Jugglers Art Space Inc. unless free of charges to the Gallery.

B3.2 All transit /freight insurance arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the artist or the artist’s agent/dealer.


B4.1 Jugglers Art Space Inc., its staff and agents accept no liability for the loss or damage of an artwork during transit/freight to and from the Finalists Exhibition at the Queensland College of Art.

B4.2 While Jugglers Art Space Inc. will exercise all reasonable care of an artwork from the time of receipt of the artwork until the collection of the artwork (see section B8.1), the artist and/or the artist’s agent/dealer agrees to indemnify Jugglers Art Space Inc., its staff and agents against the loss or damage of the artwork during this period. Finalists are responsible for arranging their own insurance for works exhibited.


B5.1 All Finalists’ work must be available for sale. A Gallery commission of 25% applies to all works sold during the Finalists Exhibition. The artist’s price as listed on the entry form should include the Gallery commission of 25% plus all other commercial gallery fees and/or agent fees and GST (if applicable).

B5.2 Any Finalist’s work sold during the Finalists Exhibition will not be released until the exhibition has closed and payment has been received by Jugglers Art Space Inc., from the purchaser.

B5.3 All costs for additional packaging and transit /freight relating to a sold work is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or artist or artist’s agent/dealer.


B6.1 The information requested on the entry form is required for the administration of the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing and will be used solely for this purpose (and for the ongoing administration of the Prize, where applicable). This information cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person and will not be supplied to any third party.


B7.1 Entrants warrant that they are the copyright owner of the artwork submitted with this entry form and agree to indemnify Jugglers Art Space Inc., its staff and agents for any breach or infringement of copyright.

B7.2 Jugglers Art Space Inc. reserves the right to reproduce and/or edit any digital images submitted with the entry form, for archival, catalogue or promotional purposes including electronic and digital promotional activities. All reasonable care will be taken to maintain the artistic integrity of any edited images.

B7.3 Finalists agree that their work can be photographed by Jugglers Art Space Inc. on film and/or digital format and published in print and/or digital media for promotional, educational and review purposes associated with the Finalists Exhibition and Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing.  The artist or their agent/dealer are responsible for conveying this right to any purchaser of the work.


B8.1 Artwork displayed in the Finalists Exhibition will be available for collection from the Queensland College of Art from Saturday 17th August 2019. Detailed collection information will be provided to Finalists as required. To make arrangements for collection/pick up, contact Jugglers Art Space at

B8.2 Jugglers Art Space Inc. accepts no responsibility for the storage of uncollected works beyond 14 days after the exhibition closing date.

B8.3 Jugglers Art Space will not meet any expenses associated with return/collection of work.


In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation of the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing terms and conditions, the decision of Jugglers Art Space Inc. shall be binding on all parties. Please Note: Unless the contrary intention appears in the wording of this form, words in the singular number include the plural and words in the plural number include the singular. The terms “Gallery” and “Jugglers” refer to Jugglers Art Space Inc. and the term “work” in the context of this entry form refers to a drawing/artwork on paper/board/canvas/suitable support etc.