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A Piece of Jugglers

Since its beginnings, a core vision of Jugglers Art Space has centred on validating graffiti as a legitimate art form and the use of aerosol as a valid art medium.

Saturday Sprays has been the realisation of this, creating an open and respectful, self-managed space for anyone to come and paint, experiment and to participate in and learn about art in the urban environment.

On that balmy spring day in 2014 when a hailstorm ripped through inner city Brisbane, stones of ice the size of tennis balls sent the retaining wall heavy with 14 years of aerosol mark making tumbling. What's left now is a palimpsest of aerosol and chrome speckled and flecked by layers of paint spanning Jugglers lifetime. 

New walls were built and the Saturday Sprays keeps on, facilitated by BoHDi, whose studio sits upstairs and whose work lies within the layers of colour. 

To support its continuation, we are offering up these 'pieces of Jugglers' for $20, which are available at Brunswick Street.

Contact Jugglers for more information.