The Brighter Side - Raising Money For Women's Legal Service

The Brighter Side is a colourful, emotional and intimate exhibition. It is honest in its exploration of both the light and dark inside all of us, depicting the contrast between internal self-talk and the external self that is shown to the world. The series embodies both empowering and destructive thoughts and pairs those thoughts with dramatic figures, colour and stroke.

As part of her exhibition Sarah Sculley held a SILENT AUCTION. With one of her artworks she generated significant awareness & fundraising for an organisation she is passionate about supporting. See details below-:

Women’s Legal Service is a specialist community legal centre providing free legal and social work services to Queensland women. They assist women in the areas of family law, child support, domestic violence and child protection, as well as providing community legal education. Women’s Legal Service is a feminist organisation that has been developed and operated by women for women since 1984. Their mission is to advocate to achieve justice for women.

Women’s Legal Service is committed to the creation of a society in which every woman:
• Is safe from violence
• Is able to tell her story, have it heard and respected
• Receives a fair and just outcome from legal and social welfare systems.

Women’s Legal Service experiences a high level of demand. In the last year, they provided over 3,000 advices to Queensland women. The work of Women’s Legal Service is made possible by over 100 volunteer lawyers, support workers and pro bono counsel, as well as our administration, marketing, events and HR volunteers.

For more about Women’s Legal Service visit their website – or to
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